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We are in the process of an extreme makeover of the flash boobs website.  We made an error with style sheets and lost all our Firefox users as result.  We are currently programming with Microsoft's Expression Web and it is both easy to use and the code works well with standards compliant browsers.  It beats the hell out of coding by hand.  We will use a mix of old and new pages during the transition, and we will redirect pages as time permits.  This is a painful process for us tit  loving non programming types, but we need to be Google friendly so you can find the tits you are looking for.

If you look closely on the main page, there are at least two ways to enter flashboobs.com  One entry way takes you to the new pages, one way takes you to the old.  to make a long story long, this site has tits all over the place, happy hunting!

News about Boobs

7/1/2008 Woman jailed for flashing boobs

6/18/2008 Topless girls play soccer
    here's the video

6/13/2008 Teacher fired for flashing man-boobs

6/11/2008 US Airports get boob scanners

5/16/2008 Judge says man boobs are not sexual

4/16/2008 12 year old model's daughter wants boob job

4/7/2008 Weakest Link boob grab angers some viewers

3/25/2008 Schoolgirl cheerleader killed by boob job

2/8/2008 Swedish teacher fined for flashing boobs

11/23/2007  Heidi Klum loves her knockers video

11/15/2007 Young Salma Hayek prayed for boobs

9/11/2007 Janet Jackson's boobs go back to court

9/23/2007 Boobs on Bikes parade in New Zealand

9/9/2007 Applebee's Nurse Out nationwide success

8/6/2007 Boss flashes boobs at employee
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